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We are Antonio & Lidia, a couple who has devoted all our live to the dog world. At this moment we manage a mobile dog hairdresser's in the NorthWest mountains of Madrid.
We love all the animals, at home we have had dogs (mixed and some breeds), cats (nowadays 3), birds (agapornis, parrots yu-yu, and canary), tropical fishes, hamster, turtle and a midget rabbit (and what fate provides us ...)
We share this passion with our daugthers, who grew between "animals" and they are as passionate as us.
My husband and me we arrived by different ways to this breed, and he was who gave our first Basset, knowing how much I loved them and in the right time.
Quickly we felt in love with this breed, so we decided to start with dog shows, to be active members of the club and finaly began breeders but "amateur", but with all the knowledge needed.

I studied veterinary's assistant, animals' asistance y and dog grooming at the age of 18 and all this time my live has been joined to animals. I needed lot of time to have my own dog, and the first who I got it marked my live. When I went out my parent's home I entered in my house 3 cats and 2 dogs at the same time ... crazy!!!
At the end, I didn't imagine my life without a dog next to me ... now I cannot imagine my life without a Basset next to me.

A long career without doubth ... 25 years working with dogs in different areas : sports training, police dogs (drugs, explosives), rescue dogs, movies dogs(TV, advertisement), boarding kennels and finaly in a dog hairdresser's.
Lot of years and lot of dogs!!

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